Sex, Love, and Jealousy

Posted by: scherrey 8 years, 6 months ago


This was originally posted on my Facebook page as a note. But since that account is being decommissioned I thought I'd bring it along...


It is remarkable that so many regard it as a proud achievement to be able to separate sex from love. Animals have been demonstrating this trait since before humans even appeared on the scene. The consummation of which simply reduces the former to a base and ultimately soul sucking activity.


The true fulfilling aspiration is to be able to distinguish and experience love without jealously. The realization of love freely given and freely accepted without possession or obligation is the most liberating and rewarding attainment. Sex as a physical expression of that appreciation elevates it beyond our base instincts making it a celebration of what it means to be truly human and humane to one another.


Those who falsely label their jealousy as love in order to give moral justification to their base pursuits persist in a self delusion which chips away at their integrity reducing themselves to a state lower than that of the animals who at least have no such false inhibitions.


True happiness is only attainable when we demand the higher standard for ourselves. But far better to just accept sex for what it is than to corrupt love by distorting it into something which is its very antithesis.

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